About Us

Started in 2000, with a modest trading company of Dyes and Chemicals, Osian India today is India’s biggest Importer, Stockist and Distributors of Fatty acid, Fatty Alcohol, Glycerine, Rubber, Rubber Chemicals, Metal and Metal Oxides, Home and Personal care products and Beauty products. Also has manufacturing platforms for Metal Salts and various rubber and plastic process enhancing auxiliaries. We work with state of the art production process for specialty chemicals and warehousing arrangements for local distribution. We offer world class product produced at our sites and also offer traded products, Manufactured by top class manufacturing companies around the world in chemical industries and the beauty sector.

Osian India’s business offering provides a unique range of specialty products available from its location in India & across the globe with strategic tie-ups from the manufactures thereby delivering superior products to formulators & processors in various industrial segment Utilizing its advance sourcing and manufacturing platforms. Osian India range of ingredients & Raw materials are essential components used in meeting its customers high quality requirements, consistency and other competitive advantage which indeed is need of today and the performance oriented targets of the future. Osian India is the brand owner of 'Soapium' & ‘Hashish’ Brand of soap & cosmetics and are engaged in promoting & retailing of beauty & cosmetic products which are imported from top class global manufacturers.